Are you ready for a powerful CAB experience in 2021?

Everyone is suffering from Zoom overload. So, how do you engage CAB members in meaningful, strategic discussions? How do you build relationships when you can’t be there in person?

I planned and facilitated 20 virtual CAB meetings in 2020 and am currently working on 26 more for 2021. I’ve learned a ton about how these work (or don’t). I’ll share this knowledge with you so you can get the most of your CAB experience right now.

Our CAB Masterclass provides you with a new strategy and best practices for including “virtual advisory board” engagement elements.

* Learn how to future-proof your CAB program.

*¬†Discover how to integrate a “virtual advisory board” program model with your face-to-face CAB engagement program.

* Receive practical and pragmatic coaching for integrating these best practices using tools your company already has. (Hint: You do not need to invest in a Virtual Event Platform.)

This new expanded class includes 4 live online sessions, one 1:1 private session, manuals, workbooks, and all of my CAB secrets.