The Flipchart Guide to Customer Advisory Boards

Volume 1: Is Your Company Ready

Written for senior executives, Volume 1: Is Your Company Ready? is a quick read sharing how innovative companies are using advisory boards to validate their business strategies, connect with their best customers, and sustain a competitive advantage.

Volume 1 assists leaders in assessing their organizational, operational, and cultural readiness for embracing a CAB. In addition, you’ll find a case study on how one CEO hardwired his CAB to his annual planning process, thereby ensuring the questions he asks customers are relevant to the business decisions he and his team need to make. You’ll find answers to many of your CAB questions here.

Table of contents:

  1. Is your company ready for a CAB?
  2. The CAB and the “Voice of the Customer” model
  3. Using the CAB to tune your strategic direction
  4. Top 10 List: an executive’s guide for what you need to know about CABs


The Flipchart Guide to Customer Advisory Boards

Volume 2: How to Execute a World-class CAB Meeting

Volume 2: How to Execute a World-class CAB meeting is written for first-time CAB managers and those who want hone their advisory board preparation skills.

This is the operations manual I wish I had when I was tasked with running my first CAB meeting. It includes timelines, case studies, techniques, and templates to you put to immediate use.

Table of contents:

  1. Countdown to a CAB (a timeline for implementation)
  2. Selecting customers
  3. The invitation process
  4. Selecting the venue
  5. Building the agenda
  6. Preparing the content
  7. What to expect from your facilitator
  8. Information capture & dissemination
  9. Setting a budget
  10. Ground rules for employees
  11. Frequently asked questions



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