What is a Partner Advisory Board?

A forum where you and your top tier partners can share and explore strategies that drive growth and greater profitability.

What is a Partner Advisory Board?

A PAB allows you to strategize with your top partners and set expectations for joint success.

3 reasons why facilitating your own PAB can lead to trouble or missed opportunities.

PAB Characteristics


Explore joint strategies

Use your PAB to agree upon joint business strategies with your top tier partners. (This is not an ops review!)

Tune partner programs

Get feedback on your partner programs and learn how to help your partners become more successful.

Set expectations

Document goals. Clarify rules of engagement. Agree upon metrics for joint success.

Typical Agenda Topics

Trends & drivers

What do partners see shaping the industry?

What’s expected

What are customers asking of these partners?

Company strategy

Are we in sync with our (partner) business expectations?

Partner priorities

Where are our partners making investments?

Best practices

What programs (from any vendor) work best, and why?

And more!

  • Onboarding
  • Success factors
  • Planning


Here’s what’s not on the agenda:

  • Your company’s product, program, or service updates
  • Partner training
  • Operational mechanics (such as how rebates are processed)
  • One-on-one partner reviews

Where PABs add value

I need to accelerate sales through the channel, and I feel that we’ve hit a brick wall!

– Lisa, CEO

For us to stay competitive, I need to be able to anticipate the strategic needs of our partners and provide them with the right mix of incentive programs and enablement tools. As an organization, we don’t know how to  have this conversation.

– Jeff, SVP of sales

Does your company rely heavily on the channel?

PAB programs should not be confused with operations, deal registration, or training. World-class PAB programs are strategic, providing an opportunity for broad market research and true collaboration that drives mutual success.

Accelerate your pipeline

The dramatic events taking place today are reshaping your partners’ priorities, how they operate, and what they expect from you. It’s critically important to form meaningful partnerships, at every level, for your mutual benefit.

Imperva is a “Channel First” company, and with Mike’s help, we rewrote the book on Partner Advisory Boards.


VP, Global Channels, Imperva

Want more expertise?

PAB engagement programs are changing!

Today’s leading B2B enterprises are reshaping their Partner Advisory Board programs.

  • Resetting partner expectations
  • Improved dealer registration processes
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Clearer communications

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