Mike Gospe’s

Private CAB Masterclass

Includes updated best practices for 2024!

Get ready to harness the full potential of your CAB!

Are you the leader of a high growth company trying to figure out what your customers truly need as they plan their future?

Are you wondering how to form and nurture a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) program that actually delivers meaningful conversation and advice you can use?

Maintaining your current market success is not guaranteed. Without a CAB to help guide your priorities and decision making, your market leadership position may be at risk.

Flipchart Guide to Customer Advisory Boards

Join us for a practical, hands-on, live online workshop series for designing and executing a world-class CAB program. UPDATED FOR 2024,  we’ll cover all of the best practice strategies and engagement techniques.

This unique Masterclass offers you a front row seat and tailored guidance from Mike Gospe, CAB strategist. In a series of intimate and interactive sessions, we will focus on strategies for collecting wisdom and meaningful guidance from your best customers.

This is critically important for maintaining your leadership position and ensuring you stay relevant.

A successful CAB program is a catalyst for growth, innovation, and long-term success.

Treating your CAB as a strategic asset is guaranteed to result in more satisfied customers, energized employees, higher product & solution adoption, and increased customer lifetime value.


The Trade Desk

You’ll learn how to:

  • Design & execute a CAB Playbook updated for 2024
  • Integrate your CAB program with your annual business planning process & your sales team’s annual account reviews
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with CAB members (not presentations)
  • Deliver a winning CAB experience that differentiates your CAB from your competitors’ CABs
  • Harness the full potential of your CAB throughout the year (not just a single meeting)
  • and much more!

    Company Benefits:

    • Grow customer lifetime value with your CAB members
    • Discover new revenue streams for evolving/unmet customer needs
    • Make better business decisions by leveraging insights and advice from your best customers
    • Validate your company vision to sync with market needs
    • Strengthen relationships with key customers
    • Outpace your competitors by listening

    Meet your instructor:

    Mike Gospe, CAB strategist & facilitator

    For more than 20 years, Mike has planned and facilitated 250 CAB meetings globally. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, he has guided leadership teams to execute successful CAB programs to achieve desired business outcomes. His broad experience spans many industries including technology, medical devices, hospitality, energy, financial services, and more.

    Student Testimonials:

    Time well spent

    Mike delivered an awesome CAB Masterclass! It helped us frame the key elements, objectives, and approaches to ensure success.

    – Rich, CAB Sponsor, Splunk

    Great CAB coach

    Thank you for your guidance and direction. We followed your best practices and really captured some enlightening feedback.

    – John, CAB Manager, The Trade Desk

    A “CAB in a box”

    Mike provided a great experience, making it easy for us to design and execute a highly productive first CAB meeting.


    – Christine, Marketing, Quantum Metric


    Mike’s course exceeded my expectations! His 1:1 approach provided relevant, action-oriented coaching and a ton of resources.

    – Tricia, CAB Manager, Absolutenet

    Private CAB Masterclass designed just for you:


    Engage in 4 hours of strategy & practical application discussions.


    Mike’s two-volume CAB operations manual accompanies the class, plus 3 workbooks. 


    Two hours of 1:1 coaching with Mike Gospe for guidance or problem solving.

    Session 1 is all about CAB strategy & program design:

    Part 1:

    • What is a “true” CAB program?
    • Where CABs fit in the Voice-of-the-Customer model
    • How to incorporate CAB insights into your annual business planning & prioritization process
    • Understanding human psychology in CAB design
    • Five steps to program design
    • Introduction to the 2022 CAB Playbook
    • Why successful CAB programs are a self-fulfilling prophecy

    Part 2:

    • Defining CAB objectives & documenting your CAB Charter Statement
    • Continuing CAB conversations throughout the year, so they expand like chapters in a book
    • How, where & why virtual meetings work (and where they don’t)
    • Strategies for inviting (and retiring) CAB members
    • Agenda design best practices
    • Designing “discussion modules” that give you clear guidance (and don’t waste everyone’s time)

    Session 2 explores CAB operations:

    Part 1:

    • Facilitation best practices (when outsourcing or doing it yourself)
    • Rules of engagement
    • Documenting, socializing the outcome & applying what you’ve learned
    • Creating a closed-loop system
    • How to use your CAB to find new revenue streams
    • Final recommendations for  your program

    Part 2:

    • Role of your sleeves to work on your specific program
    • Custom-tailored to address your questions
    • Explore advanced best-practices on engagement techniques for both in-person and virtual settings
    • And much more.

    Two hours of 1:1 with Mike are also  included

    • Take advantage of working with Mike to bring your CAB program to life.