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What is a Customer Advisory Board?

CAB Characteristics


A strategy-level focus group

Agendas are forward-looking. Use your CAB to discover how to stay relevant given the state of the market.

Your "inner sanctum"

An exclusive group of C-suite decision makers of 20 people: 8-12 customers, 6-7 of your leadership staff, and a facilitator.

An interactive conversation

Customers do 80% of the talking. You do 80% of the listening. Agendas are comprised of discussion modules, not a parade of product updates.

Where are you on your CAB journey?

I need help building a business case

Building a business case to support your CAB program is no small task.


I'm planning my 1st CAB meeting

Apply this proven methodology for executing a world-class CAB experience.


I want to take my CAB to the next level

Running a CAB for a while? Harness advanced strategy and engagement techniques.


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