Planning your first CAB meeting

Strategy & Objectives

When planning your CAB, do not start with the invitation list! Start with a clear objective and strategy on how to achieve it.

Strategy: The right CAB objective(s)

The strategy behind setting clear objectives.

Planning: 3 Steps to Guide your CAB

Before you send out invitations, do this!

Going virtual!

It’s time to re-engineer an interactive CAB journey. (Part 1 of a 3 part series)


How do you invite C-suite executives you do not yet know? Here’s the most effective way to invite the right people.

Making contact is not as hard as you think.

Regardless of industry, these 3 reasons are always the same.

4 Mistakes in this CAB invitation: can you spot them?

Finesse is required in your CAB invitation.

CAB Agenda Tips & Tricks

Customers do 80% of the talking. You do 80% of the listening.

What's your BIG question?

What do you want to learn? And, how do you plan to apply this new knowledge and insight?

How to use your cab to drive internal alignment

Map the CAB agenda to your business strategy.

The perfect agenda for your First CAB

Follow this guide to kickoff your first CAB meeting.

Content Preparation

Content prep requires careful thought. Do not throw slides together. Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”.

Advice for creating CAB content

Creating content the night before your CAB meeting is a very bad idea!

5 Steps to designing your CAB program

Content prep flows from your CAB objective (not the other way around)!

How to share a new product concept with your CAB

How do you get CAB members to give you relevant feedback on a new product concept they’ve never seen before?

Execution Advice

Guidance to help you execute a worthy CAB experience.

5 Rules for designing your CAB

After executing more than 100 CABs, this is still my best advice.

Here are my favorite US CAB locations (2019).

Create an “inner sanctum” that encourages candid conversations.

The role of the sales team in your CAB

Some advice for managing internal politics when it comes to your sales teams’ role with the CAB.

The CAB is not (must not!) be a sales meeting.

However, this does not mean that your sales team does not play a role.

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