Customer Advisory Board Masterclass 

Join Mike Gospe and a small group of CAB practitioners as we explore techniques and best practices to make your CAB world-class.

Discover how to harness your CAB to capture value, identify new opportunities, create synergies with your best customers, and produce meaningful guidance that will drive your business forward. 

November enrollment is now open! 

Mike delivered a “CAB in a box”.

This CAB Masterclass was awesome! It really helped us frame the key elements, objectives and approaches we need to address to ensure success with our new Customer Advisory Board. Really appreciate the help and guidance!

– CAB Sponsor, Splunk

Each Masterclass series includes . . . 


Engage in 180 minutes of practical application discussions.


Mike’s two-volume CAB operations manual accompanies the class, plus 3 workbooks. 


One hour of 1:1 time for coaching, guidance, or problem solving.

The Art of the CAB

World-class CAB engagements require finesse and insight in how to construct, engage, and deliver the business outcome your CXO customers expect and your leadership team demands.

What you’ll learn

  • The 1 thing you must do to differentiate your CAB from your competitors’ CABs
  • The most important lesson to position your CAB for maximum success
  • 3 secrets for recruiting CXO customers whom you do not yet know
  • 5 rules for building the best agenda & content (and 3 traps to avoid)
  • 3 rules for expert facilitation (i.e. how to ask questions effectively and listen for the meaning behind the words)
  • 3 ways to keep your CAB members engaged between meetings
  • How to set up a CAB alumni program
  • and much more!


Receive feedback & coaching on your program, as you apply best practices to your agenda, recruitment strategy, and execution plan.


It’s all about you! Via a pre-class assignment and survey, you’ll shape the agenda so each lesson is relevant to you.

A Practical Application Masterclass

You shape our agenda! Together, we discuss your CAB priorities, apply CAB best practices to your program, and engage in interactive, action-oriented discussions.

You’ll walk away with an updated plan for your next CAB!


Course Agenda Topics

  • Understanding where CABs fit in the voice-of-the-customer model
  • Applying my methodology to your CAB program
  • Recruiting CXO CAB members (whom you do not yet have a relationship with)
  • Building the best, most effective agenda that meets your specific CAB objective
  • Designing impactful content to support your discussion modules
  • Facilitation best practices (if you are facilitating yourself or working with a professional CAB facilitator)
  • Documenting the outcome
  • Engaging CAB members between meetings
  • and much more!

Session Plan

Lessons & Guidance

Each session focuses on a theme. But, you set our agenda!

Whether you just concluded a CAB meeting, or you are planning your first or next one, this masterclass offers an opportunity to excel. Together, we shape the agenda of each session so the material is relevant to you! Sessions are practical and action-oriented. Class size is limited to 10 participants to allow for personal exploration and learning. SPACE IS LIMITED!

Getting Started & Setting Expectations
Setting expectations for both your executive team and your CXO invitees is critical. This starts by identifying and documenting your objectives. Learn how to build a business case for your CAB. We dive into the trickiest elements for managing the invitation process (including how to invite executives you do not yet know).
Agenda and Content Prep
World-class CABs require finesse in their creation and execution. We analyze effective and non-effective agendas, formats, presentation styles, and facilitation best practices. We can also explore advanced engagement options (for more advanced CAB practitioners).
Facilitation & Output Best Practices
This session is critical for any company deciding to facilitate their own CAB, as there are many traps to avoid. Equally important is how to distribute and use the insight gathered from the CAB meeting. Learn do’s and don’ts of note taking and how to socialize the output of your CAB in order to encourage action. Learn how to keep the spirit of your CAB alive between face-to-face meetings.

Why enroll?

  • Learn from an experienced CAB leader
  • Receive constructive feedback and recommendations on your CAB program
  • Get answers to your CAB questions
  • Drive yourself to the next level of CAB expertise