If you are thinking about facilitating your own CAB meeting, consider three reasons why you may not want to.

1) You bring an implied bias (because you wear a company name badge).

2) You may become defensive (or argumentative) when you listen to feedback you may not want to hear.

3) You may miss an “a ha!” moment because you are focused on what you want to say next, instead of listening.

So, what makes for a great CAB facilitator? Here’s 9 characteristics you want to look for in yourself or any professional facilitator you want to hire.

With a specialty in CABs, Mike Gospe is a professional facilitator with more than 18 years of CAB experience. He’s helped some of today’s most innovative companies deliver more than 100 world-class CAB meetings. He leads KickStart Alliance‘s CAB practice. Interested hiring a great CAB facilitator or perhaps honing your own facilitator skills? Contact Mike