Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) are the most important meeting your leadership team may host all year. This is because it is the one place, one time, where your CEO and team meet with your most important customers to talk about the future. To get the most out of this corporate asset, it is critical to follow the latest best practices. I’m here to help you deliver a world-class CAB experience for both your leadership team and your CAB members.

For the past 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with CEOs and their leadership team to bring them closer to their best, most strategic customers. Conversations I’ve facilitated have validated their value proposition, challenged their market assumptions, and revealed brand new revenue streams. More than 250 meetings across the US, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific. I wrote the first CAB operations manual (2013), and my CAB Resource Center has become a trusted resource for CAB managers around the world.

 In February, I’m offering pro bono office hours.

What are these sessions for?

You set the agenda. It’s a perfect opportunity to get personalized advice, answers to your questions, or compare notes with a CAB expert.

  • Get feedback on your 2024 CAB plan
  • Tune your CAB objective and Charter Statement
  • Compare your CAB program with the latest best practices
  • Troubleshoot a challenge (e.g., how to invite C-suite CAB members you don’t yet know)
  • Tips for aligning your internal team
  • Clarify the differences between CABs and product Focus Groups
  • Gather a few recommendations for linking your CAB with your company’s annual planning process and sales account-review meetings
  • Discover how to make virtual CAB meetings work for you and your CAB members
  • Hear my top location picks for 2024 in-person meetings
  • . . . and discuss anything else that is on your mind

How do I get scheduled?

I’ve set aside 50-minute timeslots in February. Link to my calendar and pick the one that works for you. Enter your info and you’ll receive a confirmation calendar invite with a Zoom link.

Need to reschedule? No problem. You can reschedule easily on my calendar app. If there is not another appointment available, just email me and will find a convenient time to connect.

Can other members of my team join me?

Yes. Absolutely. Feel free to invite your colleagues.

What is the cost?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. This time is for you. It’s a way for me to say “thank you” to the industry that I’ve enjoyed working with for the past 20 years.

For more information . . .

With a specialty in CAB & Partner Advisory Board programs, Mike Gospe is a professional facilitator with 20+ years of advisory board experience. He’s helped some of today’s most innovative companies deliver more than 250 world-class in-person & virtual customer meetings. He leads KickStart Alliance‘s Advisory Board practice.  Check out more of his Customer Advisory Board best practices articles and videos on his CAB Resource Center.