This is a podcast about CAB competitive advantage – specifically about how some tech companies are using their Customer Advisory Board to identify and strengthen theirs.

Mike Gospe was interviewed by Linda Popky, CEO of the marketing firm Leverage2Market, and author of the popular book, Marketing Above the Noise. CABs are now mainstream. However, executive leaders are often uncertain about how to be leverage their CAB.  When executed correctly, CABs are very different from every other type of customer meeting. Mike shares stories and best practices about how some of today’s most innovative companies are doing to harness the power of their CAB.

Mike addresses the following questions:

  • What is a Customer Advisory Board, and how is it different from other types of customer meetings?
  • Where do CABs fit in the larger voice-of-the-customer model?
  •  What is the “big question”companies struggle to answer?
  • For CAB programs to be successful, you need to have the right executives participate. But how do you invite the right people, especially if you don’t yet have a relationship with them?
  • What’s in it for the customer? Why would they want to attend?
  • What 3 best practices are most important?
  • Where can our listeners get more information on CAB best practices?

Mike is a popular speaker on CAB best practices and has shared insights and perspectives with many marketing leadership organizations including the American Marketing Association, Direct Marketing Association, and Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals. His interactive style is energizing as he shares an actionable prescription for success. These best practices are also described in his books and articles found on the Resources page.

For more information on Mike Gospe on his CAB services, or to inquire about a speaking opportunity, click here.